Goldsmiths' Lab. We undertake constructions, repairs, goldsmiths, platinum and black platinum as well as jewelry jewelery.


In the 90's the Laboratory has been established as a reliable and popular jewelry manufacturing site and in 1998 comes the technological upgrade of the Laboratory.


Anne Handmade shop is an evolution of our workshop. Our main principle, love and experience for all our creations in unique Handmade Jewelry, from Gold, Silver and Brass. We work with complete dedication, unremitting work and passion for what we do, and our biggest reward is the positive feedback from our customers who support us and show us in practice that we are their first choice in Handmade Jewelry.


We have participated in numerous trade shows of handmade jewelry products and have received very positive impressions.


Creation of Unique Handmade Wedding Wreaths. The demand from our customers leads to the construction of their wedding crowns from the very beginning, with unique designs that are pointed to us and we make their special day unique.


The demands of our times and our customers across Greece have led us to another innovation for our business. The creation of a state-of-the-art online store. Through our e-shop, you can easily and quickly order the Handmade Jewelry that you like, select material, design and color, exactly as you have dreamed of. The goal of this movement is to make your shopping even easier, to see the full range of our Handmade Jewelry, to keep up to date with our offers and to win incredible prizes by participating in our beautiful contests.

All of our products are also available at our retail store, 42 Sotiros Dios, in the heart of Piraeus.